Womens Hair-cuts                     $35 + up

Kids cuts                                     $ 25

Mens cuts                                   $20

  ( includes wash an blowdry )


Single Process Hair color              $ 50 

Double Process Hair color              $ 75

Hi-lites / Low-lites  (1/2 head)       $ 75                               

Hi-lites/Low-lites (full head)         $100

Ombre                                  $ 85

Face Framing Hi-lites                  $ 45

Split end Repair Treatment             $ 50
( last 6 weeks )

Braids                                 $ 25+up

Event Styling ( inquire within )


                                        ( includes wash an blowdry )




1 - color/cut/blowdry                       $ 75

2 - face framing hi-lites/cut/blowdry       $ 65

3 - color/split end repair                  $ 85

                                           ( includes wash an blowdry )

At Studio In Motion we provide a large range of Chemicial Services.


What is ombre hair color? Ombre, also knows as "dip dying" or "chalking", is hair color that is dark at the root and gradually gets lighter until it's (typically) quite blonde at the ends. Celebrities have embraced the ombre look, and the trend is taking over the heads of women across the nation. 

 1- Would you look good with ombre?

 2- How often does it have to be done ?

 3- How much does it cost ?


Why Hi-lights / Low-lights? Highlights can be any tone or any shade of light or dark. As long as they are lighter than your overall hair color, these are considered highlights. For example: If your hair color is black, and you get dark brown tones put in, those are highlights. If your hair is brown, and you have lighter, caramel tones added, those would be also considered highlights. If you love the look of highlighting, but don't want a dramatic look, lowlights are the way to go. Low lighting consists of taking thin to thick strands of hair and darkening them at least 2 shades darker than the rest of your hair. I recommend adding lowlights every third time you get your hair highlighted. This will help blend your highlights with your natural hair color, and you won't have to run to the salon with dark roots every six weeks.  

1- How much does this cost ?

2- Is this the right choice for me ?


Eveyone talks about Keratin is it good for your hair? Keratin is one of the most durable proteins in nature and the main ingredient in the outer layer of hair. When applied to the hair via products or a longer - lasting treatment, keratin smoothens, straightens and eliminates frizz.

1-  Will it work for your hair ?

2 - How long does it last?

3-  How much does it cost ?


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